I’m verified on Twitter? What?

I can’t even believe I woke up this morning and had FINALLY been verified. Back in 2009, I made my twitter as a fan page for (who can guess it?) Nicki Minaj... I never really even took social media serious until really I moved to North Carolina in 2013. A good friend reminded me today [...]

Fourth of July🇺🇸

Somebody asked me today why I haven’t posted on my site in awhile. I have just been so busy and haven’t really had the time, but now that the Fourth has passed, I’ll just write about the fourth. Basically, family came in from VA & GA and it was pretty great. They were here for [...]

I thought I made up a word…

Wait... i ACTUALLY Thought i made a word... till i googled the word and i foundout its already one. Do you ever randomly say a word & you think you just made it up? Well, I had been having a super long night with my diabetes (go figure) so I was being dumb and thought [...]

It’s been a year…

I can't believe that it has been a year and a few days since I graduated from high school. I remember the week I presented my senior project, I was so eager to present it and get it over with because in no time, I'd be completely finished with high school. If you do not [...]

Katy Perry: Witness World Wide (Review)

What is Witness World Wide you ask? Well, to be completely honest, it's complicated. So, Katy Perry released her album this past week. Well, her team did. She was actually at this discreet location where she live streamed everything on her youtube account. Interesting yet? It kind of gets better. Either you are or you [...]

One Love Manchester Benefit Concert

First off, I had to watch the One Love Manchester concert way after it aired. I was at a graduation when it aired. When I watched it, I knew what to expect but I didn't expect these feelings.  Performance: By feelings, I mean, like I had actual tears at certain parts of it. One of [...]